COVID-19 Update

Dear Customers, Suppliers, partners and friends of Ctox Dotworks.

We have been following the global outbreak of Covid-19 with great concern over the last few weeks and keeping up to date daily with the latest recommendations from the WHO and government bulletins.

At this concerning time for us all, it is so important that we all unite in reducing the impact of this virus on our people, our families, our communities and our businesses. The safety of our team and our clients is at the forefront of our decisions as a business.

We also Acknowledge the increasing need for businesses and organisations to operate online and stay in touch with customers. We’ve consequently decided to offer a 30% discount to businesses and individuals that intend to create a website or enforce any form of Web presence.

We urge everyone to stay safe and stay strong, as we go through this and come out stronger, together.

Ctox Dotworks

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